A writer of songs, poetry, and stories from Peterborough, England.

Reads like an upbeat eviction notice, an earthworm’s eulogy, instructions for celestial storage, a used notebook–found in the rubble of a closed down school, the engravings on a closed down prison’s courtyard wall, a cat’s newspaper, an invitation to a party for the celebration of the apocalypse, the inbox of a digital clairvoyant, a toddler’s application for a marketing job, a tale of woe by a boy without toes, Doctor Frankenstein’s blog, and a recipe for aubergine blancmange.


Sounds like a struggling modem, the final bell of the school year, white noise through a sponge, an upbeat eviction notice being torn, purgatory’s answering machine, a malfunctioning UFO, Bob Ross’s ringtone, a spider’s radio station, a popped cork, a bird with teeth, a commercial for boxed elation, a compilation of contented sighs, a hand in putty, a vampire’s disco, the dying breath of a captive ape, and a monk’s mixtape.