How Much? (Poem)

“How much for lazy Sundays, sleeping late;

For dinners whiffed upon the breeze?

How much to choke on well told jokes

And kiss the lips that shake my knees?


How much for pages loaded with thought;

For painting drunken wine-soaked lines?

How much for singing loud without regard

And forgetting about the time?


How much for squeezing friends you’ve sorely missed,

Or finding what you’d thought was lost?

How much the sky and sparrows up high?

Just how much will all of this cost?


How much for feeling small amongst it all;

The endless stars and reachable moon?

How much for rolling oceans that never cease?

What price does that bring us to?”


“Those products aren’t cheap; they cost a lot,”

The man said, clearly appalled.

“Just keep working hard and rise to the top,

Then some day you might have it all!”


by Harry Husbands